When Your Progress Will Start To Show

5July 2023

You may be used to eating differently now than before, so have in mind that your body requires an adjustment time as it adapts to this revolutionary way of eating! Our bodies crave stability and attempts to establish balance. This needs some patience. Bear in mind that success won’t come instantaneously! The Fulton Fit Academy has been designed to hasten the metabolism process while protecting and building lean muscle mass and burning fat. Usually, the adjustment time can last up to 6 weeks for certain persons, therefore showing prudence during those first weeks of using the program is essential. After that duration, you would anticipate seeing progress either with your weight, pictures, measurements or even feeling better every day.

If you have been involved with the program for a couple of weeks, you might not yet observe any visible results! There are a lot of subtle factors to be taken into account such as water retention, modifications in muscle and fat tissue, level of training and intensity (for example, overtraining or de-loading), sleep quality, hormones, and menstrual cycle, specifically for women. To accurately trace progress using the scale is to weigh yourself daily if possible on a regular basis.

Weight flucuationsSimilarly, this way your average weekly weights will turn out precise. Examining this average value and the total tendency will show more precisely what your progress is than single weigh-ins. Anywhere between 0.5 lbs to 2 lbs average weight loss or gain per week can be seen as healthy.

If your weekly progress isn’t going as planned, it might be time to rethink how accurately you are adhering to the daily macro targets. Even though we may assume we’re following them properly, making incorrect estimations occurs often! Thus, it is essential, to be honest, and ask yourself: “Am I gauging the portion sizes correctly or precisely measuring them?”; “Did I remember logging that snack from earlier?”; “Do I stick to the plan during weekends?”; “Am I keeping track of my alcohol intake correctly?”.

When it comes to going out on weekends, business trips, or special events, we can often get sidetracked with our macros. Many tend to miscount their portion sizes, leaving out the little snacks that were eaten without tracking them, or even completely skipping the weighing and measuring process – all of which can add an unexpected number of calories. This might be the missing link as to why your progress isn’t where it should be. Sticking to the same methods from Monday to Friday is a fundamental piece of maintaining consistency.

Assuming you’ve been following the building blocks listed above – being on the program for at least a month, tracking progress by different factors, measuring precisely, and having green thumbs up each day – it may be time to move into the next level; this you can select within the app yourself or by consulting a coach during your weekly call if you are a part of our program.

Sometimes dieting may seem like just pass or fail but in truth, it’s much more difficult. You’re not just on a diet. It’s a journey towards better health that has its fair share of peaks and troughs along with bumps and obstructions – however slow progress is still success no matter what! Also worth recognizing is that progress isn’t always represented numerically; actually, it’s learning how to appreciate oneself physically and mentally, developing healthier long-term habits, changing perspective on food choices plus establishing commitments, and sticking to them that can help make substantial strides! These core concepts will lead you toward victory if adhered to without faltering!

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