What is a HIIT Workout?

12July 2021

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is an intense form of workout that builds on both the strength and endurance of your body. These exercises are done only in short repetitions and the reason for this is to make the best of athletic performance. HIIT is a known way of exercise if you aspire to lose weight immediately. Known as a combination of both cardio and muscle endurance, HIIT focuses more on cardio which is why you normally feel out of breath upon doing these exercises. There are various benefits of doing HIIT, which will be mentioned in the following:

HIIT as an effective fat-burner

Cardio exercises are known to burn fat in the most efficient manner, compared to strength exercises. Since this is an intense variety of cardio, HIIT is guaranteed to burn down even the most stubborn fat in your body.

HIIT as an appetite regulator

Whether you’re overeating or you’re losing the apetite to eat, HIIT is the perfect way to stabilize your appetite once again. HIIT decreases the hormone that regulates appetite that reduces and stabilized your appetite. HIIT is also known to increase blood sugar levels and lactate, which are both contributing factors to your appetite.

HIIT as a more efficient cardio exercise

Compared to running on a treadmill, HIIT is a more effective and efficient form of cardio workout. Since this also improves your muscle endurance, HIIT isn’t entirely focused on just cardio. Asides from this, HIIT is also a time-efficient exercise since the intensity of the exercises makes up for the time you would have spend on running.

HIIT increases oxygen levels

As with any exercise, oxygen levels are important in workouts. HIIT, in specific, increases your VO2maxthe rate the oxygen in your body could absorb in a minute. Basically, the more VO2max your body has, the better your athletic performance is and the better endurance you have in your exercises. Lastly, VO2max also improves your overall health.

HIIT versus strength training

Compared to doing strength training alone, HIIT will help you lose weight at a much faster rate. In doing muscle strength exercises, this focuses primarily on toning your muscles and getting the shape you aspire for. HIIT also includes something known as the afterburn, which boosts your overall metabolism that leads to a burn in the calories in your body. Strength training would also not be able to target the cardiovascular aspect of your body. HIIT specifically accelerated fat loss in a way that strength training doesn’t.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to doing HIIT. You’ll also find HIIT training convenient if you’re struggling finding time to workout within the busyness of your schedule as it’s known as a time-efficient training. Asides from being good for the heart, HIIT will give you the endurance that you seek and you’ll feel much stronger than before you did HIIT training. As the fastest way to lose body fat, HIIT training is still proven as the best kind of training to start with before building on your muscle strength.

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