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Online Fitness Coaching

An online coaching program that provides you with personalized fitness and nutrition plans tailored to your needs. Our experienced coaches will work closely with you to create a plan of action that works best for your lifestyle, personal goals, and body type. We offer customized meal plans as well as an array of workout routines spanning everything from cardio to strength training. From personalized nutrition coaching to customized workout plans and weekly check-ins, Fulton Fit Academy will help you reach your goals faster and with more efficiency.

Weight Loss Coaching

You can reduce body fat and improve your fitness levels with our progression overload strength training program. Our program is structured to provide progressive resistance to each muscle group, allowing your muscles to become stronger and leaner over time. With intense and focused workouts, we help you build strength, increase endurance and burn calories quickly while helping you reach your goals. With personalized coaching, nutritional guidance and other support, we will ensure that you reduce body fat and achieve sustainable results.

Weight Lifting Coaching

Our certified trainers specialize in weightlifting to help you strengthen and tone your body effectively. Our weightlifting service focuses on proper form, technique, breathing and rest intervals to maximize the effectiveness of each workout. Not only does this provide visible physical results, but it also improves overall health and well-being through improved posture and joint mobility. Our trainers will ensure you reach your goals safely, quickly and effectively – all while having fun!

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