The Three Phases of Fat Loss

10July 2023

At the beginning of our fat loss regimen, you will encounter Phases 1, 2, and 3. Always kick off your journey with Phase 1! This phase provides the maximum amount of macros while remaining in a deficit. Ultimately, this means weight shedding and healthy sustenance for your body. This process is determined from your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and physical activity level; subtracting 20% results in the true fat decrease program: Phase 1! To ensure success, give yourself six weeks prior to transitioning to another stage. The initial four weeks serve as an adjustment period while the subsequent two weeks are for observing progress.

Everyone is unique! Fulton Fit Academy is striving to make your metabolism synchronized with you, and this typically needs some time to kick in when you get started. Although you probably can’t see measurable developments for the moment, this does not indicate that your body is unproductive behind the scenes. A plethora of factors may result in fluctuations in weight during a weight loss program. If you observe an average diminishment in weight of 0.5 lbs per week, any differences in your measurements or photographs, improved satisfaction in your attire, or multiplied success at the gym, then just stay on Stage 1! It denotes that the given values are working as intended. The purpose is to remain at each level as much as practicable so that proper fueling can be guaranteed. However, if you have been following numbers meticulously every day and still perceive negligible updates, then it may be time to move on to Step 2. The macros at Phases 2 and 3 will be generally lower to advance your weight loss once more, but it’s also important for you to uphold our 2-3 week period at each step.

To summarize, some respondents gain leverage from Phase 1 while others lean towards Steps 2 or 3 for better results. Some individuals choose to persevere with the Fat Loss routine for up to 6 weeks while some stay on it for around 6 months. Moreover, Edwards Fitness Academy exists to give assistance regardless of an individual’s aims!

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