Thank you – Training Membership

Read below to view your next steps.

Welcome to the Fulton Fit Academy! 

I’m so glad you’ve decided to take this next step in your fitness journey by joining the Fulton Fit Academy! Below you will find everything you need to know for your next steps. This will explain how you should schedule your appointments, where we are located, and how to access your questionnaire!

Click the links below to view your downloads that come with your membership:


Weight loss tips PDF (this will be essential to your training):

Self-care workbook: Self Care Workbook

Fulton Fit Academy App Tutorial:

MyFitnessPal Tutorial:

GroupMe Tutorial:


Membership Instructions

Step 1: Scheduling your appointment

Please confirm your in-person or zoom training day/times with your coach (678-704-1032 or [email protected]) so that they may be able to schedule your monthly sessions.

If you have not previously discussed session times with your coach, please schedule your first session below and we will schedule the remaining sessions during your first gym session inside of the app.


Step 2: Where are we located

Here is the gym address:  742 Ponce De Leon PL NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

We have free parking, when you arrive at the gym street parking is FREE and you can park in our parking lot. Right after you pass the gym before you get to the pet spa there is a small alleyway to access the parking lot in between the buildings.

Step 4: Fulton Fit Academy App Access

In the next 24-48 hours you will receive an email asking you to sign up for our app. Please make sure you do this because this is where we will keep track of your body stats and progress photos. Please login to this before your first session so that your consultation form is filled out.