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High Intensity Metabolic Workout | Power Hour

Improving Your Body Composition With Group Fitness

Our Group Training Power Hour Metcon Class is designed to push you to your limits while offering a fun and motivating atmosphere. Our certified instructors will lead the class, providing guidance and support as well as scaled options for any level of fitness or experience. With our expert advice, tailored programs and motivating environment, you can be sure to reach your full potential and take your fitness journey to the next level!

What to expect...


– Fun and motivating workout atmosphere

– Certified instructors offering guidance and support

– Scaled options for any level of fitness or experience

– Tailored programs to suit your individual needs

– Expert advice on how to reach your desired results

– Push yourself to the next level with our Metcon Power Hour

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How to sign up?

  1. Click “Sign up” below
  2. You will be directed to a schedule
  3. Click “Saturday” on the calendar
  4. Scroll down to “Power Hour” with “Anyla” at 10:30am
  5. Make an account and sign up as a drop-in