How To Easily Hit Your Macro Goal

12July 2023

Are you having trouble reaching your macro goals? With the right approach, you can make sure that your diet is nourishing and balanced. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to pick nutrient-dense foods that will help you hit your dietary goals without feeling overstuffed. We’ll also cover additional tips for getting the most out of your meals so you can hit your macro goal with ease. It’s understandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed – lots of new clients experience it. This is often a sign that someone was underestimating their nutritional intake before, yet in time, once your body adapts, you’ll be shocked by how much fuel it actually needs and not feel like that much has been ingested.

As a temporary measure, concentrate on foodstuff with higher densities which will enable you to hit your dietary aims for the day without inducing as much satiation. Macro “density” denotes the level of macros existing in one portion of food. Certain items (such as cucumber or rice cakes) have a low macro density or less than around 5 grams of macros per serving while other edibles (like sweet potato and banana) are high in macro density, or contain more than 20 grams of macros per serving.

To clarify, choose nutrient-dense foods so you don’t need to ingest as much eg the sweet potato over the cucumbers. Beverages such as sports drinks and coconut water may also be useful in aiding your goals.

Feel free to use our Protein Packed Recipe Book for ideas to hit your macros!


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